10% of BMWs sold are now electric

10% of BMWs sold are now electric

Tesla might have stolen some of the i series's thunder in the past few months, but BMW's most recent sale figures confirm that it is leading the way for traditional car manufacturers when it comes to electric vehicles.

Strong sales of the i3, as well as those of the i8 and the X5 xDrive40e, have pushed the percentage of electric cars in total BMW sales up to 10%

So too, with the recent introduction of a higher denisty battery that will extend the i3's range by a futher 33 miles, BMW is catching up with Tesla and will surely only see this percentage increase.

This has given BMW an early lead in the segment, although other traditional auto manufacturers such as GM and Audi are expected to soon release expanded EV line-ups themselves.

BMW has also announced it will be adding further plug-in hybrid versions of it existing fleet, using the technology powering the current X5 xDrive40e. A 2 series and 3 series 'PHEV' have already been announced, with a further four said to be in development.

The company also continues to work on Hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles, which BMW has been developing for over 40 years, but insists there are no current plans to bring one into production anytime soon.

This news has come amidst the backdrop of BMW's annual sales report, that saw global sales up by 1.9%. Growth in European and Asian markets offesetted a drop of sales of 7.4% in the US, as consumers were scared off of european diesel cars due to the Volkswagen emissions scandal.